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Chris Harrison

Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Harrison I grew up in Boston, Mass aka the Mean streets of the Bean, during an era that was violent beyond belief and statistics back then for a young man like me to make it out of Boston where I grew up were very slim.

I was called by the streets at the age of 13, a young wild child running free with no guidance and no rules until one day my eyes beheld something that would change my life forever and teach me morals values, and self-love as well as other life lessons this world could not teach.

It was rough not belonging anywhere or fitting in, however, once I was introduced to Breakdancing, I didn’t care whether I belonged to anyone or anything because I had found my saving grace a way out, a way to be better do better, and do better by others. Not only did breakdancing save my life and all the elements of hip-hop, but it also became a way of life for me. It was an outlet for me to vent my frustrations and anger, it humbled me in ways nothing else did, and best of all it kept me smiling and ambitious and taught me a lot about whom I am inside and out, and helped me grow and evolve mentally physically emotionally and spiritually. Break dancing has a lot to offer the youths of today, especially during this pandemic. I am all about teaching, learning, and unity and with my breakdance class it will achieve all these productive qualities as well as bring out other beautiful qualities unbeknownst to our youth today.

I have had the liberty to dance for Mayor Menino during hard times in Boston’s Hoods to uplift and stop violence, I have performed shows with my brothers in various colleges and on the street for the people as well as teach my own class at the Buker School in Augusta, ME, filmed by spur wink media a non-profit

organization out of Portland.

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