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Daya Devi

Daya Devi (Lisa Diane) has been an instinctive tumbler from a very young age. Her mother recalls her doing cartwheels across the backyard when she was two years old. So it should come to no surprise that even well into her fifties, body movement and a sense of play continues to bring her a great sense of joy.
Always drawn to both physical activities as well as the deeper, more spiritual aspects of life, finding Yoga in her late 30s was a huge gift.

After many years of meditation practice and attending local yoga classes, she “took the plunge” in 2014 to begin Yoga Teacher Training.

She studied Yoga through the ShivaShakti School of Yoga & Healing Arts, receiving her certificate for 500 hours of training in 2018.

Taught through the wisdom traditions of Hatha Yoga, areas of Daya Devi’s yogic study & certification include Bhakti Yoga & the Bhagavad Gita; Applied Anatomy & Physiology; Pranayama & Meditation; Yoga with Seniors; Yoga Nidra; and Ayurvedic Yoga. 

She has also received a ThetaHealing Basic DNA certification, as well as Reiki I & II, all through Beth Newman of Evolve In Your Energy.

A sense of joy and healing, experienced with others, is what she aims to bring to her yoga classes. 

Ready to come practice and share in joy?

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