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Jen Wass

Hi all! I have been instructing fitness since 2002. I started instructing Cardio Kickboxing at a studio called Infinite fitness on Main St. in Rockland with Mike Keating and Sherry Stanley. I instantly fell in LOVE with not only the workout but instructing as well. From there, I went on the teaching fitness classes through adult Ed, and then on to the MRC building in Rockport. 

I've taught many classes at the Rockland Rec center, local schools, and outdoors! In 2012 I opened my own studio called Symmetry fitness, where I taught Cardio kickboxing, pilates, boot camp, circuit training, and did some personal training as well. 

In 2017 I got certified to instruct Pound fitness. I have to admit, that this was my all-time favorite workout! The movement and music have such a profound therapeutic effect on me.

In 2019 I closed the doors to Symmetry fitness studio and semi-retired. Since instructing, is such a BIG part of my soul, I still enjoy holding a few classes a week. 

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