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Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong’s lifelong love affair with dance was sparked by acceptance into a dance program with Alvin Ailey-trained dancers for lower-income children when she was 10 years old. Throughout middle and high school, Amanda embraced opportunities to learn new dance styles and take dance-related leadership roles including choreographing and leading routines for her Cheerleading and Drill Teams, Choir and Dance groups.


Her love of dance is also matched by a deep love of teaching and helping others. She studied Human Development and Special Education at the University of Kansas where she perfected her talent for providing specialized attention to group learning. She initially applied her teacher training as a special education instructor and as a mother of young children while continuing to dance and move for her own fulfillment.


That all changed, however, when Amanda took a new class called Sacred Sweat in a new hometown, Camden, ME. The way Sacred Sweat combined a challenging workout, motivational music and elements of spirituality spoke to Amanda. She credits Sacred Sweat and it’s founder Kimberly Mahan with inspiring her to combine her lifelong loves of dancing, teaching and helping others into new and synergistic ways. She started by achieving teacher certifications in various health programs including Group Power, Group Fight, and 3 different certifications in Zumba (Zumba, Zumba Kids and Strongnation), and she is currently working on her Personal Training Certificate through ISSA, all while raising 3 beautiful children.


Ready for the next chapter, she co-founded Midcoast Strong with her partner Shizuka Jacobo in 2020. The Midcoast Strong mission is to create a warm and welcoming place to move, receive individualized instruction all while having so much fun that you don’t realize how hard you are working!

For more information please visit: Zumba Instructor Page

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