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Welcome to Midcoast Strong, the brainchild of fitness instructors and co-owners Shizuka and Amanda (commonly referred to as Shizanda). Brought together by their love of Zumba and a shared enthusiasm for working up a sweat, they are more than personal trainers. Amanda and Shizuka are driven by developing healthy bodies and healthy minds to build a strong and resilient community. To this end, they have partnered with like-minded professionals that offer a variety of fitness and wellness opportunities to complement the Midcoast Strong classes they teach.


Amanda Strong

Group Power, Zumba, and Zumba Gold

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Shizuka Jacobo

Zumba, and Strong45 HIIT

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Hannah Jean

305 Fitness

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Circle Sally.jpg

Sally Cameron

Rockport Dance


Circle Teresa.png

Teresa Carey

Modern Dance

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Circle Christian.png

Christian Clayton

Private Ballroom


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Circle Steve.png

Steve Hand

West Coast Swing

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Meghan Hunter

Vinyasa Yoga

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Circle Emily Jenks.jpg

Emily Jenks

Adult/Teen Beginner Ballet

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Katey Hawes

Gentle Pilates

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Circle Bethany and Stefan.jpg

Bethany Powell &
Stefan Durham

Intro to Swing/

Partner Dance

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Circle Theresa M.png

Theresa Mastricolo


Circle Chuck.png

Dialectical Behavior Therapy & Strength Based Counseling

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C.T. Nguyen

Circle Autumn.png

Autumn Brown

Professional Massage


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