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Devan Long

Devan, being a unique child, started weight lifting in 8th grade. Even worked to pay for a trainer. She fell madly in love with it. In love with how empowering moving heavy things can be. In 2016 she sustained a work related injury that left her unable to lift for over a year and a half. As soon as she was cleared, she started up again. This time it was more difficult. Someone suggested she take a yoga class. So, she did some yoga even though it wasn't her favorite. The yoga seemed to be helping but wasn't maintainer her interest. The yoga instructor recommended Devan try her 'Inferno' class. A pilates class, usually done in a heated room, that uses Tabata (HIIT) method. What a difference this made! This class worked on everything lifters forget to focus on. Core, glutes and heart rate endurance. So now, she instructs a similar class to help lifters, runners, or anybody looking for new ways to move their body.

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