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Lindsay Crawford

Lindsay’s path has shown her many methods to understanding one's Self and she weaves  ancient traditions, her experiences, guidance from spirit, and her reverence of nature, into each session where participants are encouraged to deeply connect with themselves and their true nature.

Her Dharma, or soul's purpose, is to dive into the mysterious realms of spirit through a grounded and connected existence in the natural world. Then, guiding others to do the same.

Professionally, Lindsay studied at Bihar School of Yoga in Mungar India for a certified intensive, four-month live-in yogic studies course. She also studied at Devanadi School of Yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she received her 200-hour teacher training certificate. She has completed 2 permaculture certifications, Reiki level one and two. Along with countless courses in the healing, Buddhist, and Yoga arts.


Lindsay, forever the student, continues her studies with her various mentors in the fields of Ancestral Healing, Tantra, Yoga, Buddhism, Reiki, Shamanism, Herbalism, and Animism. She is actively working towards “right relationship” with all her relatives, from the plants to the humans, and beyond.

Lindsay lovingly tends to 120 acres of land on the unceded Territory of the Wabanaki Confederacy also known as Maine. This land has become one of her greatest teachers.

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