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Erin Greenier

Erin began bodybuilding at age 16 in the cellar of the Lewiston armory in Maine. Thirty six years later she still loves the feeling of strength and confidence that comes with shaping her body. Being physical has helped her balance and supportherself as an empath and an introvert. Physical strength can sometimes translate to an emotional one.She began her career in personal training and health and fitness at a young age. Looking to provide better stability for her son, her path lead to cardiovascular disease. With an associates in cardiovascular physics and a Bachelors in Health Science from University of Southern Maine, she began a 22year and ongoing

career in ultrasound of the heart (echo sonography). At some point she realized working with people’s hearts was more of a metaphor for wanting to connect with them in a spiritual way. Her search for expression and meaningful

connection brought her to Yin Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology (massage and pressure points in the feet). She believes that in the stillness of a yin yoga pose you will discover parts of yourself emotionally and find the ability to let go of what no longer serves you. Also, there is nothing more humbling and open than working on someone’s feet.Choosing a life of deep, meaningful connection, that is healing and supportive of herself and those she serves is very gratifying.Erin has come full circle and is back to teaching health and fitness. Her yin

yoga/flow classes incorporate self-reflexology, essential oils, grounding movement, poetry and a long shavasana for meditation and gratitude. Advanceyin yoga is straight up posing and is a great practice for anyone who is athletic and enjoys being physical.

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