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Steve Hand

Steve started studying dance in 2013 to surprise his wife Amy for their 25th anniversary.  It didn’t take long, and Steve was studying many different styles of dance throughout Maine and across the country.  After a few years, he started to co-teach classes with Katie Tranzillo and accelerated his studies with national professionals Cindy-Lee Overton and Angel Figueroa.

Until the fall of 2017, Steve was splitting his free time between ice hockey (coaching, playing and refereeing) and dancing.  In early October, he learned he had to stop skating due to knee problems.  Fortunately, Steve was attending a west coast swing intensive with Angel that weekend and over a few drinks at the bar, Angel convinced Steve to transfer his years of coaching experience to teaching dance.

Today, Steve focuses on teaching several styles of dance with a focus on west coast swing, east coast swing and salsa.  Steve actively promotes dances around Maine and also runs a couple dance related Facebook groups (Midcoast Dance and 207 Westie).

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