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Meghan Hunter

Informed by twenty years of studies in various styles and over a decade of teaching, Meghan has developed a keen sense for a; clear, mindful, deep, and equal parts practical and magical yoga practice. 

Her vinyasa classes are known for their intelligent sequencing and steady, breath-centered anchoring. Meghan’s teaching is rooted in her understanding that the practice of yoga offers invaluable tools to regulate the mind-body complex, and in class, Meghan encourages students to utilize these tools as a direct portal to reconnect with their greater sense of equanimity, ease, and the infinite nature of their deepest selves (capital S;-). 

Classes are often challenging and thoughtful and are designed to send students on a path to feeling clear, steady, multi-dimensional, and balanced. 

Meghan is grateful to most recently have studied with (and been inspired by) Jason Crandall, Judith Hanson Lasater, and Rima Rabbath. 

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